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MONDAY, JANUARY 18, 2010 6:00 PM


Exec Members Present:
Sarah Campbell, President; Marc Davis, VP; Bob Drew, Treasurer
Area Coordinators: Brian Talenti- Area 3a; Helen Dey Valdez-Area 1 & Newsletter editor; Sam Martin-Area 4a; Cynthia Biggers-Area 4b; Jean Mather, Chair of Zoning and Planning Committee; Carol Martin, Membership Chair
Exec. Members Absent: Garret Nick, Co Secretary; Dawn Cizmar, Co-Secretary
Members: Teresa Griffin

1. Helen requested newsletter articles be submitted to her in the next week.

2. Sarah opened discussion on proposal to increase member dues and have 2 levels: Single $20 and Family $35. Some of the options discussed included: Add a Senior Level. Membership chair questioned practicality of having to confirm ages. No longer have a 'discount' for family level: Affordability. How to give members the opportunity to make larger contributions if the current levels of '$10 Sustaining" and '$20 Big Bubba' are dropped
MOTION: Bring the following proposal to the General Membership at the February meeting: Membership levels: Single $20; Family $35. and include a line on membership form for 'Additional Contributions to SRCC General Fund"
APPROVED unanimously

3. It was proposed that the 'Areas of Interest" section be dropped from the Membership Form. Discussion included points that each topic has a committee that appears in the newsletters along with contact information. Although the data is entered in the membership database, it is not used. The newsletter and list serve function as more efficient ways to communicate interests in these topics.
MOTION: Prepare a new membership form that shows a proposed dues levels and drops the Areas of Interest. APPROVED unanimously

4. Sarah proposed new wording for bylaws that would better define what positions are considered 'Executive Committee." Officers, Area Coordinators, Standing Committee Chairs. She also proposed a new structure for committees that would modernize terminology and group similar issues under a broad category. There was discussion of how to make any transition from current committee structure to a new one. Sarah will email a proposal and set a deadline for comments.
MOTION: Delay presenting Bylaws proposal to Membership until a later date. Focus on the membership dues proposal at the February meeting.
APPROVED unanimously

6. Marc proposed that meeting agendas be posted 7 days prior to meetings.
MOTION: The SRCC President will post agendas 7 days prior to meetings with the understanding that the agenda is a draft and could be expanded depending on late requests that require action to meet deadlines.
APPROVED unanimously

7. Bob asked clarification on payment made by SRCC to Grace United Methodist Church for the neighborhood's use of meeting space. Discussion included how to distinguish any payment made to caretaker from payment intended for the church. It was recommended that Bob not make payments until Jean Mather can tell the Exec Committee what the practice has been in the past.

8. The committee confirmed that Bob should use the SRCC PO Box as a contact address when completing the membership payment to Austin Neighborhood Council.

9. Carol agreed to notify all officers needing to pay dues prior to March meeting/election.

10. Bob requested an item regarding potholes on Alameda caused by City construction to be on Feb agenda. Bob will contact Jean Mather as chair of Zoning & Planning Committee to determine how to present at meeting.

11. Sarah reported that the Church caretaker had called to request SRCC start our monthly meetings in the Fellowship Hall 15-20 minutes later to ease tension caused by ending of AA meeting at

7. Sarah proposed this compromise: SRCC will start meetings 15 minutes later if AA will start theirs 15 minutes earlier, as this much time (30 minutes) is needed to clear out parking, end one meeting and start another.
APPROVED unanimously.

Minutes submitted by Carol Martin
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