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SRCC Executive Committee March 21, 2005 Minutes

6pm at Grace United Methodist Church basement


Danette Chimenti, Jean Mather, Co-presidents

Toni House, Vice President

Alicia Reinmund, Area 2 Coordinator

Elloa Mathews, Communications Chair

Sam Martin, Area 4a Coordinator

Dawn Cizmar, Area 6 Coordinator

Claudette Lowe, Area 1 Coordinator

Rad Tollett, neighbor (1400 S Congress interest)

Dean Van-Landuyt (owner needing variance Sunny Lane)

Patrick Roeder, neighbor (Woodland case interest)

Kathy Pigman, neighbor (Woodland)

Mary Lovell, substituting as Secretary


Items 1-7 (corrected numbering) per agenda

1. Introductions

2. Committees list with noted vacancies

4(switched with 3) Dean Van-Landuyt needing 3 variances, setback, square footage and height from May 9 Board of Adj. for his 502 Sunny Lane house. He will return to next Exec Comm. April 18 with firm numbers on his variances.

3. Architects with Dick Clark; Michael Shue and Jeff presented new changes for Rob Lippincott’s 1400 S Congress project. Parking garage now 120 spaces, 1-story, 38 condos in 4 & 5-story building, and 3-story mixed use building and patio restaurant/bar at W. Gibson/S. Congress corner. Project goes to April 11 BOA for five variances, setbacks on Gibson & Congress, height on Eva and Gibson and site over one acre.

5. Zoning

Toni on Summitt/Riverside case, goes to mediation with expected resolution in April.

Jean reports Area C NP tract 107/8 and LI parcels and probably won’t be sold bit by bit by owner, Mr. Jung.

Elloa reports environmental concerns on tract 117; need vote for CO overlay for Alpine and Payload not connecting; and offered infill numbers on St Ed’s expansion.

Dawn noted Planning Comm.’s recommendations on 5701 E Riverside are contra NP.

Danette reported on Woodland/Noble property that owner will settle for SF-3 if gets agreement for 10-lot subdivide. On Fairview NCCD/Newning case, City attorney involved and neighborhood wants attorney present as well in meetings.

6. General meeting agenda per agenda

7. New business/other

Elloa notes Glen Rose engineer, Matt Holland now working for city. We need status from him or Lauren on Wal-mart, Payload and St Ed’s projects. Jean notes spent $11,738 so far on Glen Rose and wonders if spending for further engineering needs to be brought before membership.

Danette offers "It’s My Park" day April 23 looking for host/house and Claudette volunteered her home and will get in touch with Rene or David.


Submitted by Mary Lovell


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