South River City Citizens (SRCC) Neighborhood Association

May 15, 2005 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes (Tim Mahoney, Secretary)

2. Blunn Creek Issues and Glenrose Engineering

Report from Elloa

3. Newsletter Deadlines & Communication Committee Report

Co-chairs: Elloa Matthews and Terry Frantz;

Deadline for next Newsletter is June 3;

It is anticipated that the next Newsletter will be distributed in June 15th in advance of the July 4th parade;

New and Improved Hard Newsletter Deadlines: Feb. 1, June 1 (this time June 3), Sept. 15;

New policies are being reviewed to ensure equity and to build a better relationship between neighborhood schools and neighbors;

4. Police Appreciation Night

5. Report on Zoning Issues/Neighborhood Planning Efforts

6. ANC/SEC/SCC Update

7. Set agenda for May 2 General Membership meeting