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South River City Citizens (SRCC) Neighborhood Association

July 18, 2005, Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Tim Mahoney, SRCC Secretary

  1. Introductions: In attendance: Danette Chimenti, Jean Mather, Toni House, Tim Mahoney, Claudette Lowe, Margaret McInroe, Dawn Cizmar, Fred Kreds, Ricardo B. Turullols
  2. 1406 Summit Variance requested by owner Margaret McInroe, did not notice the fact that the garage was improperly sited when she bought the house 2 years ago. Was planning to make the garage a workshop and found the discrepancy when she tried to get a plumbing permit, determined that it was improperly sub-divided. Executive Committee decided to support, hardship being that the issues were undisclosed to Margaret when she purchased the property.
  3. Neighborhood Watch: Ellen Ward will head committee for presentation during the next membership meeting.
  4. Report on Zoning Issues/Neighborhood Planning Efforts:
    1. 2100 Parker Lane update – Toni and Fred Krebs: review of issues, may do a presentation at September membership meeting.
    2. East Riverside/Oltorf Planning Commission subcommittee meeting – Toni House: the meeting occurred last Wednesday, and a very interesting meeting it was. The Chair of the Commission attended (Chis Riley), and gave indications that he may take a more active interest in the planning process. See next item. During the meeting Planning Manager Soliz said that there was going to be a meeting with East Riverside neighborhood people next week (now this Wednesday (Planning Commission Subcommittee members currently: Ready, Galaindo, and Subcommittee Chair Medlin)
    3. Riverside ACC Golf Course update – Toni House, Planning Commission subcommittee decided last week to remove the Golf Course from the planning process, a move that raises concerns with the planning process (by doing so, would not maintain the "P" designation as previously requested by the stakeholders). This is an issue that will also be considered at a meeting with neighborhood representatives and Manager Soliz this Wednesday at One Texas Center at 6:30 pm.
    4. GSRC NPCT and meeting with Adam Smith regarding neighborhood concerns – (after a meeting with the mayor’s aide) whether the Fairview Park NCCD can be taken out of the neighborhood planning process, since it already has its rules and regulations; support from the mayor’s office; overlays for height limitations in works but still resistance from staff, except for the projects that they are supporting. Also need some business owners and renters in the contact team. A listing of the members of the contact team will be published later.
  5. Update on SRCC (and BCNA) meetings with City Council
    1. McMansions and potential height limitation- incorporated in other item
    2. S. Congress Restaurants and Bars- incorporated in other item
    3. NCCD Amendment- incorporated in other item
  6. Agenda for August meeting:
    1. Pursuing a Local Historic District, Guest Speaker: Laurie Limbacher
    2. National Historic Districts, Guest Speaker: Gregory Smith, State of TX Preservation Office
    3. CASA of Travis County, Guest Speaker: Karinna Perez
    4. Vote on July 4th Proceeds: Committee selected to make recommendation for Aug. meeting, as to time sensitive issue of percentage of monies for extra time for pool opening, the recommendation for September for other park projects: David Todd, Elloa Matthews, Terry Franz, Sherri Ancipink, Jeff Kessel, Rene Barrera, Betty Weed
    5. Blunn Creek Committee Report: will happen at next membership meeting, but there will be attempt to get regular reports to the Executive Committee meetings.
  7. New Business:
    1. Ricardo Turullols- Bonilla talked about his two new books, which reference SRCC residents and Austin futures, would like to make a short report on his views, perhaps in the September meeting. 1815 Alemada Drive, (445-7557); Book titles: Friends of Dialogue (the Quest of Keeping the Heart—A Philosophy of Practice) and Dialogue of Friends (Making Sense of the Human Spirit—A Practice of Philosophy), only $19.95 each (plus tax) or $43.20 (which includes the tax) for both books. A version in Spanish is expected in the not too distant future.
    2. Announcement: Join MOMS Club! The Club offers monthly meetings and activities for moms and their kids. For more info, contact Christa Yancy at 292-6909 or