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Executive Committee Meeting at Grace 4/19/04

In attendance: Kenny Hilbig, Sherri Woolley Ancipink, Danette Chimenti, Terry Franz, Brian Cotton, Elloa Matthews, Lisa Orr, David Swann, Jean Mather, Dawn Cizmar, John Donisi, Bill Fagelson, Claudette Lowe, Tim Mahoney, Kapil Sapparwal


1) consider adding parliamentarian to SRCC

  1. Oak wilt
  2. Movie in park
  3. Restrictive Covenant Monitoring Committee
  4. Stainbeck-Lauren Ross
  5. WalMart
  6. El Taquito Attys
  7. Guero’s Willie Nelson Festival
  8. April 22—Ctiy to consider noise ordinance

1. SRCC used to have parliamentarian, which was deemed unnecessary in recent years. Will need to amend by-laws to add this position. Will vote on this at annual meeting in 2005, but until then SRCC membership will elect interim parliamentarian.

2/3. Movie: Fundraiser for oak wilt effort which will include a movie at the park and opportunities to donate for various premiums similar to public radio fundraiser. Scheduled for May 14. Lots of funding needed to stop spread of disease and save trees, including in Little Stacy Park where movie is to be held. Also Kapil raised $250 which he donated to newsletter fund.

4/5/6. Several members of SRCC are concerned that restrictive covenant contracts with neighborhood assn are not being honored by the businesses who agreed to them. Discussion followed about who should and would monitor those, some stated it was the job of the City. Several persons not present will be contacted.

7. It was agreed that SRCC send letters expressing thanks to attorneys who helped with the El Taquito case, which was settled.

8. There was discussion about allowing a Guero’s sponsored festival featuring Willie Nelson. It was not decided, but we agreed that SRCC should respond soon to their request.

9. Item 8 lead quickly to item 9, in that many residents of SRCC along Riverside and near to certain bars on Congress feel strongly about the noise in these areas. The City Council (April 22 meeting) will address the possibility of letting music venues operate longer hours during certain festivals or holidays. The Executive Committee decided to send a letter to Mayor and Council stating SRCC’s concern on this issue since so many residences. It was suggested that clubs located in entertainment districts might operate later hours.

Lastly, a list of agenda items for the next meeting was started.

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