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SRCC general membership meeting notes - 1/4/10

Monday, January 4, 2010; 7:00 PM


1. approve minutes from dec 4th, 2009, general membership meeting
MOTION: russel - to approve the minutes = PASSED

2. update on application to the city of austin for an outdoor music venue at the whip in store at 1950 south i-35 also look for the S.P.O.T. - presenter sarah campbell, president -

the negotiations between the whip in and the travis green condos are still in progress and currently awaiting a response from the whip in on concerns of the neighboring condos. parking across the street is not an option and travis green has mentioned the possibility of a sound barrier. the S.P.O.T. is a reference to possible trailer based vendor activity in the whip in parking lot. the srcc stance is that we only approve the efforts of the whip in if they are able to successfully negotiate with travis green on all issues of importance to them and not all issues have been resolved yet.

3. election of wolf sitler, member, as srcc rep to austin neighborhoods council (ANC) to replace "retiring" jean warneke = APPROVED

4. renew srcc's annual membership dues of $35 with ANC = APPROVED

5. burglaries and crime in the hood - presenter: detective sheldon askew, APD and talia the analyst

we are part of the south central sector. the detective asked us to be sure to report any and all crimes in the area so they can be logged and used to help them focus their efforts. a BOLO means to "be on the look out" and is issued when someone has been identified as a suspect so any information you can get from suspicious people is always helpful in identifying them and can be used in future investigations. most residential burglaries happen monday through friday from 9-6 when people are at work and generally involve kicking in the front or back door. burglars may appear as door to door salespeople who are waiting to see if anyone answers before attempting to enter. be sure to let them know you are home even if you do not answer the door so as to avoid a surprise confrontation. in our area the statistics actually show that burglary is flat but has increased citywide. juveniles tend to participate in burglaries more often than transients. use spotcrime.com to see a map of reported crimes in our area. marc davis and the Public Safety Committee have been working to put together the details needed to setup a neighborhood watch but given the size of the SRCC neighborhood it will require a network of smaller neighborhood watches that all communicate and share information. the committee will be publishing more information about this approach in the near future but if you're interested in helping with the execution, please contact marc, he is our VP.

6. new owners of the reuter house at 806 rosedale terrace want to introduce themselves and discuss potential future uses of the large historic house and property - presenter: wick alexander, owner

wick let us know that he recently purchased the house and intends to maintain the property as it currently exists. he doesn't plan to live in the house but rather use it for community events and possible short term rentals. this home is across from the elementary school on a large wooded property that is actually comprised of 9 lots. if you would like to use the house for some purpose, wick is open to ideas and can be contacted at 542-3220 or 431-6544. Or contact Wick if you have any comments or complaints about actual use of the house.

7. norwood house update - presenter: wolf sittler, director of norwood posse

permit fees are to be waived and a pro bono landscape architect will be working with them, earl broussard. they still need more funds and you can donate at www.restorenorwood.org

8. on dec 21st, 2009, the srcc exec committee voted unanimously against a variance request for a non-complying carport at 2504 little john lane owned by michael canney. this vote is different from a "no action" vote mr canney received from srcc back in may 09, when he came to us to find out if he could get support for the variance he might file in the future

9. street closures for: 1. fado irish pub st patrick's day festival, 200 block of 4th street, 6am march 17th to 6am march 18th, 2. sxsw festival multiple streets and times downtown march 17-21, 2010

10. reminder that annual potluck dinner and officer elections will be held on monday, march 1st, 2010. see the bylaws on the srcc website for more information on which officers are to be elected. existing members whose dues deadlines have passed can both pay and vote at the meeting, but new members must pay 1 month in advance in order to be eligible to vote.

11. helen valdez needs articles for the newsletter by jan 18th to publish for february

Garret Nick

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