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SRCC General Membership Meeting Notes - 3/2/2010

congrats to our new executive committee!!!

1- check membership status and obtain election ballots, aprove minutes from feb 1, 2010, general membership meeting:
MOTION: wolf/rachel - to approve the minutes = PASSED

2- message from grace united methodist church, presenter - david mitschelen, lay leader of church and chair of outreach committee:
david wanted to say thanks for being great neighbors and let us know of their ongoing efforts to connect with the community. a questionnaire was handed out seeking input on how much we all know about grace united and asking how we can get to know each other better. feel free to stop by and interact with them.

3- special program: focus on fulmore middle school, presenters- gloria lee, srcc and pta member, cindy anderson, president pta, fulmore quartet:
for those who aren't aware, fulmore middle school is one of only two magnet school in the city. of the 1,000 students, 300 participate in the magnet program which focuses on the humanities and law. students are given the opportunity to take college style classes on specific subjects related to the program. 76% of fulmore families are at or below the poverty level so pta participation isn't strong given parent age, finances and language barriers. only 30% of fulmore households use email. the pta is comprised 50/50 of magnet parents vs general student population. the pta has been resurrected in recent years and a push is being made to get more involved. the pta is also looking for donations of any sort to help outfit the school with the proper supplies to give the students a top notch education. fulmore was established in 1886 and is one of the oldest schools in central texas. the library is severely outdated and many classrooms are using maps with countries that no longer exist. your donations and/or participation can help quite a bit. the fulmore quartet played a piece for us to showcase what some of these students are learning. the pta is currently trying to an account with the austin community fund.
MOTION: for srcc to donate $300 to the fulmore pta to help establish an ACF fund = PASSED

4- elections- to include introduction of candidates, call for nominations from the floor, voting, tabulation and announcement of newly elected officers:

all area coordinators were re-elected as were the president - sarah campbell, vp - marc davis, treasurer - bob drew, secretary - garret nick

5- announcements:
(A) city of austin parks and recreation department 2010 swimming pool hours will remain the same
(B) south austin artist co-op market- rachel mcclure- 2nd sat/sun art show, march 13th, 14th 10-6pm, marketplace westgate 6800 west gate blvd at wm cannon, southaustinartistcoop@gmail.com
(C) sam hurt will be designing this year's 4th of july shirt but the 2009 shirts are on sale now
(D) 2010 4th of july sign up to help this year! talk to russel_frazier@msn.com [note from Webmaster: believe there may be a fault in transcription of this e-mail address and that it should perhaps be russell_fraser@msn.com]
(E) save town lake fundraiser march 7th
(F) sxsw 96 hour venue permits are being issued for many businesses along congress
(G) congress avenue mile run 5/22/2010 8-11am

6- other business:
(A) marc davis public safety update - citizen patrols are in the works

garret nick

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