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SRCC General Membership Meeting Notes - 5/3/10

1. meeting procedures, etiquette, membership. welcome newcomers.
presenter: sarah campbell, president, unless otherwise noted below.

2. approve minutes from Monday, april 5, 2010
. MOTION: jean/sam - to approve the minutes = PASSED

3. city of austin's planned improvements for annie st/woodland ave and live oak.
presenter: clay harris, project manager, public works dept COA and nathan from the bike and pedestrian program.

a 2006 bond covers this road maintenance project which includes upgrading utilities and sidewalk improvements. phase A includes live oak and the circle while phase B includes annie/woodland from congress to I35. there was mention of plans to add bike lanes and sidewalks where appropriate as well as neighbors' desires to narrow woodland in order to do this. there was more information to discuss than what we had time for so it was agreed that small group of interested parties would be formed to communicate with the project manager throughout the course of the project.

4. rezoning C14-2010-0039 and neighborhood plan amendment at 1307 newning ave. consider what actions the neighborhood should take RE: staff support and upcoming hearings before the planning comission and city council.
this is the same property we discussed last month where the owner is trying to sell the property and believes it will be easier for potential buyers to get financing if the proposed changes to zoning were allowed. we voted against the changes.

5. vote on elloa mathews as new area 5 co-coordinator to replace "retiring" ellen ward.
MOTION: to approve elloa as the new area 5 co-coordinator = PASSED

6. consider variance request C15-2010-0049 at 2600 carnarvon ln.
presenter: maddy etter, owner.
this project was originally permitted in 2009 as a remodel which allowed for it to use the existing/original side setback of 10ft and the existing foundation. after deconstruction was complete the owner believed there was too much termite damage and decided to replace the damaged wood. once the original framework was removed the project was no longer classified as a remodel but rather as new construction despite using the same building plans that were approved. this new classification caused the side setback to be increased from 10ft to 15ft which left 5ft of completed construction beyond the legal setback.
MOTION: jean/russel - to oppose the variance request = PASSED

7. update on progress of ad hoc communications committee.
presenter: carol martin, chair, member.
this committee has been meeting to explore ways to increase the communication between existing and potential SRCC members. as these ideas take shape they will be presented to the general membership for review.

8. update on progress of the ad hoc financial policies and procedures committee.
presenter: sam martin, chair, member.
sam recently took up this responsibility and is working to clarify our policies.

9. updates on 4th of july parade and picnic and norwood house.
presenter: russel fraser, member.
all permits have been filed for the 4th of july event. there will be an unmarked car escort rather than the usual motorcycle police. we are still gathering quotes for insurance. terry has been lining up sponsors but we're always looking for more as well as any donations. the roof of the norwood house has been repaired as per stage 1 of the process.

10. summer newsletter deadline.
presenter: helen dey, editor, member.
helen needs article submissions by may 24th with a projected publish date in june.

11. security update.
presenter: marc davis, chair of security committee.
we now have 16 block captains throughout the area with a map on google showing the different areas so others can volunteer to help. next step will be a tactics meeting that covers profiling, lighting, etc... followed by a patroling meeting.

garret nick

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