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South River City Citizens (SRCC) Neighborhood Association
September 12, 2005, General Membership Meeting Agenda

1. Introductions: (NEW PROCESS THAT Treasurer has developed for sign-in) In attendance: See below.

2. Treasurer's Report: We have positive financial value and balance.

3. CASA of Travis County, Guest Speaker: Karinna Perez. On-going need for volunteers, CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates. These trained volunteers assist the over 1,200 children that come into the foster care system in Travis County each year. For more information, or to volunteer or lend them your financial support, contact them at CASA of Travis County, Inc., 6330 Hwy. 290 E., Ste. 350, Austin, Texas 78723, 512.459-2272,

4. Town Lake Park: Jean Mather summarized the fact that Jeff Jack (of South Lamar Neighborhood Association) and Larry Ackers (of Bouldin) did a great job in evidently getting the City Council to finally approve moving forward on the Town Lake Park.

5. Austin Bat Festival: Issue of telling the City to notify the neighborhood earlier about whether to support or oppose such events as this Austin Bat Festival. Problem that the event (which occurred about 10 days ago), closed Congress Avenue by the Bridge, had music until midnight. Motion passed unanimously to send letter to City that mandates appropriate timely notice

6. Neighborhood Planning Reports:

a. E. Riverside/Oltorf: Oct. 11 Planning Commission Hearing: A short presentation by Dawn Cizmar, Toni House, and Jean Mather. Planning Commission gave us a postponement in mid-August to October 11th. ACC has been a big issue. Actually the Southeast area has been in process longer than GSRC area, and we are even more tired. Looking forward to as big a turnout before the Planning Commission on October 11th as tomorrow's hearing before the Planning Commission. Oct. 4th will be a special meeting to present the Southeast Area's version of the Plan.

b. GSRC: September 13th Planning Commission Hearing: After 1.5 years of being a part of the City's Planning process, a process that includes many parts (which the neighborhood agrees with a lot of), the Neighborhood's Planning Committee has made assignments 13 people to speak to the neighborhood's position. Others are encouraged to speak and/or come and give them time. Among the issues is the McMansion issue, which Greg Gurnsey of City staff has been working with Jean Mather on, including supposedly notifying for when the issue is going to the appropriate Planning Commission Sub-committee. Whatever the result will be from the Planning Commission tomorrow night, according to Adam Smith it is currently scheduled to be before the City Council twice, once as a matter for a consent agenda item, and the second hearing for contested hearing. Motion that the hearing be scheduled for one hearing after the budget process, and that the neighborhood send a letter in regards to that, motion passes without opposition. General Recommendations of the Planning Committee: 1) Small lot amnesty and 2nd apartments, Neighborhood is opposed to allowing because of the unknown tax consequences and the unique nature of the historical development process for the subdivisions in the neighborhood (amnesty applies to land between 2500 and 4000 sq.ft., but you will be taxed accordingly, only currently 5 lots with no structures on them, but over 50 lots could be affected, specific quantity and location unknown); 2) extension of St. Edwards Drive; 3) extension of Alpine; 4) flooding of St. Edward's; 5) Progressive Insurance , staff GR, neighborhood GO to LO; 6) Reagan Sign at Woodland and IH-35, Reagan wants CS and City wants GR for retail (probably for Reagan resale) based on Reagan's original desire to get environmentally hazardous spray-painting, TX-DOT is opposed to any more curb cuts to the frontage road, so any access would have to be on Woodland (City and neighborhood on the same side as to the CS footprint); 6) XO Comm

[furnished 10/3/05]

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