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South River City Citizens (SRCC) Neighborhood Association
October 3, 2005, General Membership Meeting Agenda

1. Introductions: Anne Wynne, Danette Chimenti, Jean Mather, Tim Mahoney, Terry Franz, Carl Betancourt, Harriet Buxkemper, Kathleen Hall, Saundra Kirk, Mary Lovell, Sam Martin, Ellen Ward, Sister Madeleine Weber, Betty Weed, Tom Hatch, Sharon Doerre, Brian Wells, Andy Hunter, Jeff Kessel, Elloa Mathews, Marco Matchetts. Fred Krebs, Kendall Krebs.

2. Treasurer's report: Balance in general account of $1300 uncommitted funds.

3. No Nonsense In November campaign guest speaker Anne Wynne, speaker who is a member of a university area neighborhood association, spoke of the unintended consequences of those who may be supporting what some are calling the "anti-relationship" amendment, in spite of the fact that the Legislative sponsors called it the "marriage amendment". Issue of whether common law marriages may be outlawed.. For more information contact or call her organization at 443-2019, or go by 512 East Riverside Drive, Suite 203, Austin, TX 78704.

4. ADA-compliant restrooms for Big Stacy pool, access options guest speaker Robert Brennes, project manager, PARD (contact information Robert at 974-6722, (also Brian Wells, consultant, and Tom Wells, PARD). What is being proposed is a pre-fabricated rest-room that might require modifications to the fence line and also discussed the issue of whether the rest room should also have access outside the pool (shower for pool could only be accessible from the pool side). Issues: 1) whether open only to the interior of the pool, 2) one to two showers; 3) standardized purchase that would be cheaper and quicker; 4) on-going architecture compliance committee. Tim Mahoney made a motion that the new restrooms be enclosed within a fence, available to the public during pool hours, because that is a decision that needs to be made sooner for the City's design process. Seconded by Harriet and Terry. Passes unanimously. Decided to leave other issues to next meeting, after putting the status on the listserve and web page.

5. Pfluger Bridge extension project: Jean Mather gave the status of the proposed alternative design options, including the original northwest option that would have connected the Plfuger Bridge to Lamar. The new development got it's design option through the center of their development with a tunnel under the railroad track. New Info: this process is still under review, including a decision by the Parks Board, ZAP Commission because the land involved includes dedicated Parkland at Sandra Muraida Way, just north of Cesar Chavez by the Pfluger Bridge.

6. Spring condo project: Proposed project at 5th and just east of Lamar that is proposed to be 400 feet. Before ZAP, which will probably be decided there October 10, 2005. This effort is made to such structures outside the CBD, denser than what is allowed in the CBD, without even a neighborhood plan. Old West Austin Neighborhood Association is leading the fight against this effort. Motion passes to oppose such structures that are being designed higher than CBD requirements (and certainly not before the CBD and surrounding areas have completed their neighborhood planning efforts) with one person against and one person abstaining.

7. Neighborhood-planning reports

- East Riverside/Oltorf: October 11 Planning Commission hearing, and before that the including the efforts of a Neighborhood community presentation on October 4th, at Diamond Ballroom 2410 E. Riverside Dr., Suite E3 (entrance around the back behind the structure that was the old movie theaters, north side of Riverside just west of Pleasant Valley). Also, on October 5th, there will be a meeting of the Planning Commission Subcommittee.

- Greater South River City: results Planning Commission hearing; October 20 City Council hearing on issues that remain as contested. Danette and Jean have been meeting with City Council on issues related to planning, and have found them interested. Terry also spoke about the house at 1207 East Live Oak, that may be also discussed at the City Council meeting.

8. Committee and project reports - Blunn Creek: Sherwood Oaks drainage plan review: (Jeff Kessel reports) Best plan is to put detention on St. Edward's property, second option make bigger storm drains. Motion by Tim Mahoney to support the best plan as the detention bond, second by Sage White, passes without opposition. -Wal-Mart and Payload Pass: No status change from last month, that they are not in compliance with the neighborhood agreement, but they are working to redesign their plans for compliance.

9. New business and other announcements:

El Taquito issues, according to Dawn Cizmar and Danette, continues.

Danette reported on Meeting at David Todd's house last week with PARD director and Asst. Director, especially regarding the big changes at Little Stacy Park, report to come next month with more details.

Help with unloading pumpkins at Grace United Methodist Church on October 11, 2005, at 6 pm. For more information, call the church.

1907 Newning, according to Danette, a great poster child against small lot amnesty, and the on-going "stop work" orders.

Carl Betancourt also raised the issue of what is the status of the property at 1500 Travis Heights Blvd.


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