AGENDA for the November 7 meeting
of the general membership of the South River City Citizens (SRCC) neighborhood association 7:00 pm, Grace United Methodist Church (205 East Monroe)

1. Introductions

2. Treasurer's report

3. Don-Mar mixed-use condominium project guest speakers Tom Hatch, John Bertsch, Raymond Chan.

Proposed development just south of Fulmore Middle School, at the site of the old Don-Mar Motel. Request that at the Board of Adjustment meeting on December 12, the neighborhood support their proposal for a variance that support more one and two bedroom units than would other wise be allowed. Without variance, 45 units, with variance, 65 units is requested. Issues not allowing back exit, issues of potential bar and restarurant. Decided to postpone vote until December 5, 2005 neighborhood meeting, when Officer Scott will be honored.


4. Parking Benefit District pilot program guest speaker Katie Larsen, Senior Planner, 974-6413,; City Program contact engineer, Gordon Derr, 974-7228,

New pilot program attempting to control off-street parking with parking meters, such funds to benefit the local community. Can be used in conjunction with the established residential parking program. Deadline for applications are November 18th. Most interest along Congress, but one question about St. Edward’s Drive. The City’s pilot program will probably only allow one to two applications. Once the neighborhood(s) are chosen, there will be a local planning effort to determine how the meters and the like will be specifically designed. Estimated that an area will generate conservatively about $20,000 in "net profit" a year that can be used for local projects like sidewalks. Application requires 67% of streets in application to sign petition. Programs tried in Ca., including San Francisco.

Motion (made by Tim Mahoney, second by Jean Mather) to support any local neighbors who would like to make an application. Passed with one opposition, one abstention.


5. East Riverside/Oltorf Combined Neighborhood Plan (EROC)
- Planning Commission postponement
- Resolution supporting preservation of Riverside Golf Course

6. Greater South River City Neighborhood Plan (GSRC)
- City Council hearing Dec. 1 for contested cases
- Proposed DMU zoning for property northeast of South Congress and Riverside

7. Watershed Protection and Development Review proposed ban of coal-tar sealants
Jean Mather proposed, seconded by Tim Mahoney, to support City Watershed Department’s iniative to ban of coal-tar sealants. Passed unamiously.


8. Committee and project reports
- Blunn Creek (David Todd, new movement on rebuilding creek by Travis Heights Elementary); Sherwood Oaks drainage plan review (Jeff Kessel report, City on-board with first option to do on-site detention, still not first option for St. Edward’s); Wal-Mart and Payload Pass - Doc's Motorworks on South Congress, original promises did not hold (valet parking and waiver for sale of alcohol, out of compliance with site plan, now before the City’s legal department); working with Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association and creating a joint institutional relationship regarding Congress Avenue issues.

9. New business and other announcements
- Appreciation party for Officer Scott at December 5 meeting