South Austin, Texas
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Shiner Beer
Not just in Austin
Luby's Cafeterias
Not just in Austin
Texas Observer
Ivins, Hightower, yellow-dog Democrats
Texas Monthly
25 years
Texas Almanac
All of Texas in a book
Texas State Handbook
All of Texas in many volumes
State headquarters
The legislature on line, with links; read all the statutes
Texas Attorney General
Law links
Texas Online
more of the same, only different (don't forget that the comptroller has point-to-point mileage)
Texas Folklife Resources
Accordion Kings, Light Crust Doughboys . . .
Jackie Chan
His official page; our modern-day Buster Keaton
Jet Li
His official page, with links to private web shrines
Chow Yun-Fat
God of gamblers and modern-day Cary Grant
Sammo Hung
Now directing action segments for new Jackie Chan movie
Hong Kong Movies
An open door to this wonderful world
Vulcan Video
On-line rental catalogue; in the heart of South Austin; the best of the hard-to-find
Mexican Movies & Music
Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante, Lola Beltrán . . .
Daniel Pinkwater
The Snarkout Boys, The Worms of Kukumlima, The Hotel Larry, Slaves of Spiegel, Fat Men from Space
Rhino Records
Track lists for all product
Joe Ely
Links to all the guys from Lubbock; words to "Wishing for You"and many others
Doug Sahm, the Unofficial Page
Doug and Augie
Texas Tornados
Doug and Augie and Freddy and Flaco
Junior Brown
My wife thinks you're dead
Marcia Ball
The official homepage
Don Walser
Texas Top Hand
Bill Barminski
Tex H*tler: Fascist Gun in the West (Austin collector item); the Clintonator
Coronado Studio
Art in the neighborhood
Eastman House Movie Collection
All the movies that nobody can see anywhere else in the world
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