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SRCC General Membership Meeting Notes - 6/7/10

1. annu and mahesh, owners of new india cuisine next to eva b's in the shopping center east across south congress from heb will introduce themselves an their new restaurant to srcc along with food samples.

this new restaurant shares space with eva b's but is independently owned and operated. the menu features a variety of vegan and vegetarian options with traditional indian dishes and spices. they aim to share and teach others about spices and ingredients they might be unfamiliar with by serving it to them. a one dollar discount is given to bike riders and walkers. healthy food is the focus. more information can be found on their website - http://www.newindia.us/ - hours of operation are monday-thursday 11-9:30 and friday-saturday 11-10.

2. meeting procedures, etiquette, welcome newcomers.
presenter: sarah campbell, president

3. membership announcements. presenter: carol martin, membership chair

carol continues to send out membership renewal reminders and it appears to be working. dues income is up.

4. approve minutes from monday, may 3rd, 2010, regular monthly meeting
MOTION: marc/wolf - to approve the minutes = PASSED

5. consider a motion in regard to demo permit before the historic landmark commission (hdp-2010-0170) requested for 1608 travis heights blvd. presenter: jean mather/teresa griffin - the previous owner gutted the building without the proper permit and the new owner wants to demolish what is left and develop the property.
MOTION: entrust sarah/teresa to work up SRCC recommendations to the Commission for rebuilding on the site using as much of the original house as possible = PASSED

6. consider variance requests for bed and breakfast at 221 park lane (case# c15-2010-0057). presenter: teresa griffin, co-chair zoning and planning standing committee.

current zoning standards do not allow two bed and breakfasts to operate within 1000ft of each other but the property in question operated prior to this rule. we previously voted in favor of a variance for the other bed and breakfast that is within the 1000ft distance and now the city is asking for this property to get a variance also for the same situation. the second variance also came into effect after the property operated as a b&b and assumes that most b&b properties are comprised of one large house and would require this property to build covered walkways between all the existing smaller buildings in order to make them "under one roof."

MOTION: teresa/jean - to support the variance to the 1000ft distance between businesses = PASSED
MOTION: claudette/jean - to support the second variance based on items #2 and #3 in the city's board of adjustments "hardship" rules = PASSED

7. vote on request by batfest promoters to close congress ave bridge for 22 hours august 21st-early morning 22nd, 2010
. one member voted against the event and no one voted for the event.

8. vote to approve ken schulze as new area 2 coordinator to replace "retiring" elizabeth day.
ken was approved unanimously.

9. notice that a site plan has been filed (spc-2010-0108c) for a boardwalk at lady bird lake, extending from east bouldin creek east to the beginning of parkland east of ih35. another notice of a public hearing on the project will be sent in the future.

10. report on the results of a city survey of bouldin creek and srcc residents in close proximity to s congress regarding parking problems and potential solutions.

the only fully supported change to the parking situation was to change, and add more where currently there is parallel parking, the existing diagonal parking spots along congress to face the opposite direction so that you back into them. the idea is that it's safer and easier to pull out of those spots b/c you can see the cars and bikes coming. while votes were close, other possible solutions like neighborhood parking permits, parking meters, etc -- which were necessary to justify and make possible a parking garage the city wanted to partner with a 3rd party to construct -- were defeated. without those tools there would be no reason for people to pay to park in the garage when they can just park in the neighborhood for free.

11. update on progress of the norwood house.
presenter: wolf sittler, norwood posse chief, member.

it has been discovered that there is also lead based paint on the eaves and will cost an additional $25,000 to remove (one contractor's estimate) based on city procedures. the posse has proposed an idea to paint over it with military sealant and then remove the pieces for a much lower cost but are waiting for approval. a garage sale will be held soon to raise more funds.

12. update on progress of the 4th of july super committee.
presenter: teri hubbeling, member

approximately $1,000 has been spent so far but that number could be lower pending waived fees. the tshirt design is done. lloyd doggett and the star spangled banner players will be present. sign up to help with setup and takedown duties. setup is at 8am with the parade at 11am and takedown from 2-3. the event is in need of a PA system and someone to take responsibility for it. if you have a classic car, please drive it in the parade!

13. update on neighborhood watch and safety programs.
presenter: marc davis, chair, standing committee on transportation and public safety.

everything is moving along nicely. a CLASP meeting for neighborhood association patrol groups to share ideas will be held soon. if you want to get more involved there is a listserv subgroup where this is all being organized. remember... if you see anything suspicious, call 911!

14. twin oaks library in the shopping center closed may 31st and will reopen at its new permanent location at 1800 s fifth st at 10am saturday, august 21, 2010. a grand opening celebration will begin at this time. call 974-7400 for further info. the city is setting its budget priorities and wants to hear from you. some of the items listed involve the library system. if you'd like to support the library and see it modernized, please let the city know.

15. rolling roadshow movie " "ghostbusters" to be shown on outdoor screen in 500 block of san jacinto on august 8th, 2010, starting at 7pm. the event is to help promote the historic sixth street district.

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